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Brewing Theology

Brewing creates a beverage by steeping, boiling, or soaking a mixture of unusual ingredients in water. Theology is the study of religious faith, practice, and experience. For centuries men and women have gathered to try to understand and experience God. They have added to the mix their own faith, practices and beliefs, their own unusual ingredients.

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At times agreeing other times not, they steeped, boiled, and soaked their own theology with the theology of others and different religions were formed. Just like hops bring stability, flavor, and bitterness to beer. Religion can bring stability, flavor, and bitterness to our lives. Brewing Theology is a place to share our stability, flavor, and bitterness with each other as we share our understandings and experiences of God.

    Drinks well with others!

Pastor Tom Berry meets once a month at Taylor's Brewery. One never knows who might show up and what religious or nonreligious beliefs may be represented. One doesn’t have to drink beer to participate.


Agreement is not required, but respectful dialogue is the only way this works.

Join us as we share our beliefs, doubts, and questions about God. All are welcome!

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