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How many times have you wanted to talk to someone that you disagree with, didn't understand or were just concerned about, but didn’t know how to start that conversation? Do you wish you had a safe space to foster communication and understanding? Check out a 3Practice Circle. 3Practice Circles create this kind of space and prove that people with very good reasons to distrust each other can find clarity and understanding with no obligation to agree!


They are called 3Practice Circles because they are shaped by three practices:

                  One:       I’ll practice being unusually interested in others.

                  Two:       I’ll stay in the room with difference. 

                  Three:   I’ll stop comparing my best with your worst.


A 3Practice Circle isn’t a debate, or even a discussion, it truly is a safe space for seeking clarity and understanding, with no obligation to agree. The Circle is designed to make sure nobody gets ambushed, talked over, bullied, advantaged, or disadvantaged. There’s a referee who makes sure folks stay on time, on task, and civil.

Six kinds of 3Practice Circles

3Practice Circle Rules are a bit like an engine that — if you adjust it properly — can drive a number of different vehicles — from passenger cars, to minivans, to pickups … or like an all purpose flour that can be used to make everything from biscuits to naan, to pasta.


Discovery Circles  •  Difference Circles  •  Story Circles  

Support/Lament Circles  •  Insight Circles  •  Solution Circles



We may explore different things in different circles, but the rules are the same. We are still following the 3Practices.


Each Circle begins with a framing topic, question or twist. Anyone in the Circle is invited to talk for up to two minutes on the topic. Everyone in the Circle will listen, without interrupting until the volunteer is finished. Then, anyone in the Circle may ask a Clarifying Question that begins with the words, "I’d be curious to know..."  And that’s how the circle begins.

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