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Lets Take a Hike!

Bethany Hikers

Join us on a monthly hike as we explore God's creation in and around Grants Pass. Expert hikers, casual ramblers, fast walkers and the slow and steady, this is for you! Some may hike the entire trail, some might just do half, but no one gets left behind. 

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This Months Hike

Cathedral Hills Sky Crest Trail

Sunday, June 6

The next Bethany Hike will be on June 6th and heading out to Cathedral Hills.  Somewhat more hilly than past trips but the views are very good up top.


Start at the Sky Crest trailhead and take that trail to the Madrone Trail to complete a beautiful loop.  Distance is a little over a mile.  The other option I propose is to include the Sky Crest Loop trail and make it a 2 mile day!  


It could be warm so bring drinks.  Meet after church in Narthex for more details. 



From Church head south over the bridge and past hwy 199 to intersection at Harbeck Ave. stoplight (Union Ave is right turn). Turn left passing the Chevron station and go 0.3 miles and turn left onto Grandview Ave.  Then go another 0.3 miles and turn right at Sky Way. Take Sky Way to top of hill and trailhead.

If you wish to join Vic Harris at a leasurly pace, meet Vic after church for another outdoor adventure.  Plan to take off by 11:30.

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