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Lets Take a Hike!

Bethany Hikers

Join us on a monthly hike as we explore God's creation in and around Grants Pass. Expert hikers, casual ramblers, fast walkers and the slow and steady, this is for you! Some may hike the entire trail, some might just do half, but no one gets left behind. 

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This Months Hike

Wildflower Hike

at Limpy Creek Trail

Sunday, May 21

We've been to Limpy Creek before in our hikes but this time I feel the hike will be especially rewarding.  

The longer and wetter winter has the potential for spectacular wildflower bloom. The bloom in California is the best in decades and I feel that our full bloom is just around the corner. The Limpy Creek Trail has a very diverse environment (woodlands, wetlands, serpentine to name a few) and has an array of plants that adapt to its unique situation.  In addition, the little waterfall located about ½ mile in should be dazzling.  


It is an easy trail with options for 1 and 2 mile hikes. I will scout out the trip before hand to brush up on my wildflower identification.


Start at Limpy Creek trailhead off Riverbanks Road

If you wish to join Vic Harris at a leasurly pace, meet Vic after church and plan to take off by 11:30.

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